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It’s time for a long-forgotten character to prove that revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Dang, that’s cold. As The Young and the Restless’ Abbott family gathered to say their final farewells to Dina, nobody bothered to tell Theo, who only learned of his newly-found grandmother’s death because he happened to run into Kyle. Sure, Dina’s passing came quicker than anyone could have hoped or imagined, but surely someone could have taken the time to call or text Theo and suggest that if he wanted to say goodbye to the matriarch, time was running out.

But perhaps Theo can take cold comfort in the fact that he’s not the only member of the clan to have been left in the dark where Dina’s passing is concerned. As far as we can tell, another relative wasn’t even told of Dina’s illness: Jack’s son, Keemo.

“Kee who?” some of you are likely asking, which makes sense given that the show hasn’t acknowledged his existence in years. But exist he does, and we can’t help thinking he might be out there somewhere, right this very minute, plotting against those who talk a good game when it comes to honoring their roots but seem to have chopped off his branch of the family tree without a second thought.

Before suggesting how Theo and Keemo might come together to prove that when you turn your back on people, they sometimes stab you in it, a history lesson for those in need. We first heard the name Keemo when his mother, Luan Volien, was shot by men robbing her restaurant. Fearing she would die without seeing her son, she asked Paul Williams and his then-girlfriend/now-wife, Christine, to track down the young man, who was living in the jungles of his native Vietnam.

Eventually, Luan was reunited with not only her son but also his father, Jack, who’d been her lover while he was a soldier in Vietnam. Jack and Keemo’s relationship was hard-won, largely because the younger man wrongly believed that his father had abandoned him and his mother when in reality, Luan had never told her American beau he was going to be a dad. Shortly after Jack and Luan were wed, she passed away from a terminal illness. Keemo packed his bags and, along with half sister Mai, returned to Vietnam… and was promptly forgotten by pretty much everyone except the audience.

Now, imagine if Keemo were to reach out to fellow black sheep Theo, revealing that in his years away from Genoa City, he’d become a powerful businessman in his home country. Together, the men — perhaps with an assist from Jack’s nemesis, Victor Newman — could launch a plot to take over Jabot Cosmetics, all while Jack’s favorite son, Kyle, fell for the beautiful Mai, unaware that they shared a familial (but not blood) tie. Suddenly, you’ve got a classic Young & Restless story mixing business and pleasure as this soap has so beautifully done for years!

Do you agree it’s time for Jack’s son to come home — or at least be acknowledged when he’s talking to others about the importance of family? Hit the comments to share your thoughts, then visit the gallery below in which we suggest several women who might help Jack find love again.