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Did Summer just dodge a bullet or create trouble where none existed? 

We couldn’t help but wonder if The Young and the Restless‘ Kyle and Summer were making a mistake in impulsively running off to elope. On the surface, it seemed incredibly romantic, especially given all that these crazy kids have been through over the years. Maybe, we thought, they’ll finally get their happy ending. Or perhaps — as Nick, Phyllis and even Jack feared — they were rushing into something without taking the time to make sure they were truly ready.

What we didn’t see coming was Summer’s reaction to those seemingly innocent texts between Kyle and Lola. Rather than talk about them with her husband-to-be, Summer left Kyle a note and fled for parts unknown. On the plus side, she did so before they’d actually reached the altar, but having her take off without any explanation still hit the hunk hard. And if there’s one thing we know about soap-opera characters, it’s that they tend to be very reactive creatures. Unfortunately, rarely do they react the way you and I would. Rather than eat a gallon of fudge ripple or go out and buy something they probably can’t afford, they do things like get drunk and crash their cars or fall into bed with people they shouldn’t. (And yes, Elena, we were giving you some serious side-eye while typing that last sentence!)

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While we know that many fans will be upset at having Kyle and Summer take a major detour on their road to true love, it’s hard to deny the soapy drama of it all. It’s also in keeping with the push-me/pull-you nature of the couple’s relationship. Despite repeatedly insisting that they’ve loved one another practically since first they crossed paths, that hasn’t prevented them from hurting each other — and other people — almost as often.

It makes sense that Summer would feel insecure where Lola’s concerned. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that Kyle was head over heels for the food-truck proprietress-turned-high-end chef. Heck, the ink on their official divorce decree had barely dried when he and Summer decided to tie the knot as quickly as possible. (This seems to be a pattern with Kyle, given how quickly he and Lola went from dating to married.) Finding out that Kyle had been keeping in touch with his just-barely-ex-wife clearly brought up all of those raging insecurities that Phyllis’ daughter tries hard to keep from showing.

Summer reads text Y&R

We have to give Summer credit for not replying with angry face emojis.

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Here’s hoping that wherever Summer is, she’s thinking long and hard about what those messages said — and didn’t say. There were no hints of lingering feelings bubbling just beneath the surface. Rather, it was a man showing concern for a woman with whom he shares a fraught history. How Summer ultimately chooses to interpret what she read may say a lot about how ready she really is to move forward with Kyle. After all, shouldn’t we all want a mate who cares about the people in his life — especially those he may have hurt in the past?

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Fans who’ve been waiting for Summer and Kyle to tie the knot have good reason to be worried. Not only has Summer flown the proverbial coop, but that means both Kyle and Lola are free as birds. Will Summer’s decision to flee before talking things out wind up being the biggest mistake she’s made since marrying Austin? Only time will tell. But while we wait to find out, weigh in below. Do you think Kyle and Summer will find their way back together sooner rather than later… or could this really be it for the pair? Then visit the gallery below to relive the highs and lows of their romance so far.