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Recollections of how Chloe, aka Kate Tina Valentine, came to be on The Young and the Restless have made us wonder anew about her father.

In Monday’s October 5 Young & Restless episode, Esther Valentine brought up a blast from the past — how babies making dramatic entrances were a family tradition and how she had gone into labor and had given birth to Chloe on the stairs inside the Chancellor Mansion. As a fun treat, the CBS soap opera posted a classic clip on Twitter captioned, “Remember this iconic #YR moment? Fun Fact: Baby Chloe was born in the Chancellor mansion! Who’s excited for the birth of Chloe and Kevin’s baby boy? 🙋♀️🙋♂️ We know we are!”

The clip featured Katherine Chancellor finding Esther on the stairs crying, “Did you get through to the hospital?” Since a bad storm had been racing through Genoa City, Katherine relayed that she had called 911 but the connection was so bad, she couldn’t be sure if they heard her or not. Suddenly, Esther screamed out in pain and Katherine ordered, “Esther, now you are not going to have the baby here!” Well, anyone who has given birth knows that when a baby is on its way, there is no stopping that little one from making an entrance… they come when they are ready to. In the end, no matter how much Katherine protested, Esther delivered her daughter, Kate Tina Valentine, right there on the stairs. Relive the moment below…

Now, let us take you back a bit further… After Monday’s episode aired, many fans were left wondering where Chloe’s father, Tiny, had disappeared to – and more to the point, who the heck was he anyway?! Chloe’s father was simply introduced to viewers as Tiny – the plumber. Back in 1989, Nina Webster convinced Esther to leave Katherine’s employ to come and work as her nanny to baby Phillip, who Esther had already grown to love. During a girls’ night out, Nina took Esther to a bar, where she met Tiny and had a one-night stand. However, Tiny, which obviously was his nickname, disappeared as quickly as he appeared and Esther had no way of contacting him upon learning she’d become pregnant. Wonder whatever became of him or if he even knows he’s a father. Hmm…

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It was years later when Chloe, who’d went by Helen Jones while living in Portland, and later legally changed her name to Chloe Mitchell, came face to face with her mother again. She’d met Cane Ashby and tried to pass a pregnancy off on him, which led to a quickie marriage. During the time, Chloe confided how her father ran off on her mother, who had sent her to boarding school, and how she had been ashamed to admit that her mom was a maid. Things came to a head when Cane forced Chloe to go to the Chancellor Estate – for their own engagement party/wedding reception – and Esther and Katherine were stunned to see their ‘Kate’.

chloe returns to genoa city Y&R

It’s no secret that Chloe’s had her ups and downs since arriving in town in 2008, but a new chapter has begun and she’s about to give birth to Kevin’s baby. While we wait, take a look at the gallery of Chloe and Kevin’s baby shower below then get your free daily soap-opera fix for Young and Restless — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.