Summer, Kyle pregnancy Y&R
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

The Young and the Restless’ unpredictable next move?

A while back we thought the Summer, Kyle, Lola, and Theo quadrangle might be shook by an unplanned pregnancy, and while it doesn’t look as though Lola is expecting on The Young and the Restless, there have been a few hints that Summer might be in the family way…

First and foremost, no less than two people have told Summer recently that she’s ‘glowing’. Now, this may seem inconsequential, but we all know nothing happens without a reason on soap operas, so the fact that this occurred twice has to mean something. Of course, Phyllis and Jack’s observations could be written off as Summer having the bloom of young love in her cheeks, but alas, we think it’s more.

Playing into our thinking were comments made by Summer’s portrayer, Hunter King during a recent Instagram live chat in which she admitted, “I’ve always wanted a baby on the show,” and enthused about the idea of wearing a fake pregnancy belly.

Additional remarks made during the live chat, which also included co-star Michael Mealor (Kyle), leaned in the direction of a looming bun in the oven as well. Of Summer and Kyle working together the actress enthused, “They’re such a good team!” Mealor interjected, “They’re like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” King then added, “And Mr. and Mrs. Smith should have a baby soon!”

Whether the unexpected twist with Summer and Kyle eloping results in them tying the knot a second time remains to be seen, but we can only imagine the reaction of Phyllis, Nick, and Jack, who are all in favor of slowing things down. Throwing a pregnancy into the mix would really have them flipping their lids.

So if they do wed, and Summer learns she’s pregnant – will it be bliss and happy tomorrows? Signs point to no, as hints have been dropping like anvils that Kyle will disappoint Summer, most recently with Phyllis’ cryptic comment that she’s not sure Kyle has it in him to love Summer as she deserves to be loved, and Summer questioning how concerned he still seems to be about his ex-wife, Lola. If there’s any part of Kyle that’s feeling torn inside, the news he’s about to become a daddy could send him into panic mode and cause him to act out. All we can say is he’d better watch out for Nick if he remarries Summer and knocks her up only to mess up again.

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