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Sharon’s former BFF could be key on The Young and the Restless.

In recent revelations on The Young and the Restless, Amanda discovered that there was no record of twin sister Hilary’s birth in any hospitals and considered the possibility that Rose Turner, who has since passed away, might not even have been their mother at all. We got to thinking about possible characters with a connection to Genoa City who might be Amanda and Hilary’s mom, but have come up with another – even more viable and intriguing – candidate. Sharon’s former bestie, Grace Turner, just happens to share the same last name as Rose Turner, so hear us out…

Grace Turner is known to be from Madison, where Sharon grew up, and where Amanda landed on the doorstep of a fire station as an infant before going into the foster care system…so that fits with the storyline. If Rose Turner was Grace Turner’s mother we can easily imagine a past where a teen Grace gave birth to twins she was too young to deal with and the situation was handled by her mother.

Grace was a wild child, who appeared in Genoa City many times trying to get her hooks into her childhood best friend Sharon’s man, Nick Newman, yet had a soft spot for young Cassie Newman, Sharon’s long lost daughter. So much so that when Grace and her boyfriend, Tony Viscardi found Cassie and spirited her away from her inadequate adoptive home, she waited nearly a year before telling Sharon.

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One would wonder why Grace never appeared on the scene when Hilary’s (actually Anne Turner) mother Rose passed away, but maybe there was too much pain and Grace walked away for good after the birth of her twins. Or perhaps Grace believes her babies were stillborn and has no idea they lived…a much-used soap trope.

If Amanda discovers that Grace is her and Hilary’s birth mother and goes looking for her, Grace’s return could be one of the behind-the-scenes secrets Jennifer Gareis has been teasing from CBS studios. Imagine how the return of Sharon’s former frenemy might impact her. Phyllis would have to be on her ‘A’ game as well as Grace is sure to set her sights on Nick.

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