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Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

They say that if you tell anyone your wish, it won’t be granted — but we sure hope that she gets hers.

If Brytni Sarpy looks a little somber in the birthday-dinner photo that she posted on September 29 — her birthday was actually a few days earlier, on the 21st — it’s with good reason. The actress, beloved as The Young and the Restless’ Elena, was thinking hard and leading with her heart as she blew out the candles on her… is that ice cream? Anyway…

“My birthday wish was that this [planet] and especially this country start focusing on the bigger picture,” she wrote, “and we are the bigger picture. Collectively.

“We can not sustain upholding the hate that we were taught in order to isolate and pit us against each other,” she continued. “We can not continue valuing monetary gains at the expense of the livelihood of our fellow humans; it only amplifies our feelings of inadequacy. We can not move into this new decade with the idea that we live on a planet that we can continually pollute and mistreat without dire consequences.”

And the soap vet, previously Valerie on General Hospital, knew just how we could right the ship, too. Her gentle suggestion was as simple as it was profound — and necessary. “Start loving each other more, continue helping each other more, be better,” she advised. “Do better. For you, for us, for this planet.”

Fingers crossed Sarpy’s wish is granted, for all of our sakes. Back on her actual birthday, on- and off-screen beau Bryton James (Devon) celebrated her with a post of his own, praising her work ethic and saying that he “couldn’t be more grateful to celebrate you today and always.” (You can follow the timeline of their real-life romance here.)

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