Amanda explosive twist Y&R
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This explosive Young and Restless reveal would have aftershocks for many.

While the revelation that Amanda (Mishael Morgan) is Hilary’s twin has given us loads of soapy angst as she comes to terms with her new reality, Devon (Bryton James) is drawn back to his memories, and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) struggles with the implications of the outcome on her life, apparently, Amanda being Hilary’s twin isn’t the extent of the bombshell. We have a few ideas about what could be coming next…

The most explosive reveal would be that Amanda isn’t Hilary’s twin at all, but is actually Hilary (especially since we saw her die onscreen). Not only would it be soapy, it would give us a lot more bang for our buck. Just as we, and the characters, adjust to the new normal and whatever fallout is still to come from the DNA results, which could be Amanda and Devon falling for one another, or Elena turning to Nate (Sean Dominic) – boom, there comes another huge revelation that changes everything again.
Hilary, Devon Y&R

Imagine the aftershocks of such a twist for people such as Lily (Christel Khalil) who was behind the wheel of the car and would no doubt pivot from regret at her role in Amanda’s sister’s death to shock that she spent a year behind bars when Hilary didn’t even die. And the questions! Hilary was pregnant at the time of her death so if she’s alive, what has happened to her and Devon’s child? How was Hilary spirited away and how did she end up with a new set of memories (very Days of our Lives)?
Lily jail Y&R

As it is, we have loads of questions following the ‘Amanda is Hilary’s twin’ reveal – How is it Baby Amanda was dropped at a firehouse two hours from the place Hilary was born? Why was she dating a man – Ripley Turner – with the same last name as her biological mother? How exactly did she end up connected to a legal case involving her deceased twin sister’s husband? What was in the file Victor gave Devon on her?

Recently, we speculated that Nate was manipulating behind-the-scenes as his motivations seemed murky, but what if he’s playing an even bigger game than angling to win Elena for himself? As the person who pushed for the DNA test, could he have fudged the results, meaning that Amanda’s not related to Hilary after all? Or does he know she’s Hilary?

Of course, the additional bombshell could be something entirely different, such as Amanda discovering their biological father is still alive and/or connects her to someone else on canvas.

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