Victoria talks consequences Y&R
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Elena calls Devon out.

In the Young & Restless spoiler video for the week of September 21 – 25, Devon apologizes to Elena and realizes he should have trusted her to understand, but she thinks they both know the reason he didn’t. Victoria pitches a headline for a story to Billy on a son who would stop at nothing to kill his own father. Billy needs the details to get it into print. And Adam tells Victor with what is about to happen, it is best Connor is far away from Genoa City.

In a recap of what happened last week, Sharon told Adam that she couldn’t treat him anymore, and later informed Rey she was no longer seeing Adam. Amanda got the results of her DNA test and revealed to Devon that Hilary was her twin sister. Elena was not pleased to find Devon filling her in on Hilary’s life and felt it wasn’t his job to enlighten her. Billy met with Alyssa and was determined to run the story on Adam killing her father. She also found a lead on the missing man in Vegas. Meanwhile, Chelsea learned Billy and Alyssa had teamed up, and warned Adam and convinced him to work with her against them. They decided it would be best for the time being to send Connor to boarding school.

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Video: Young & Restless/YouTube