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“How much of the show [do] you actually watch?” Mariah’s portrayer asked.

If there’s one thing you’d be wise to avoid doing when it comes to The Young and the Restless’ Camryn Grimes, it’s to suggest that she sit quietly in the corner and keep her opinions to herself. Much like her fiery alter ego, Mariah, the Emmy winner isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. After a viewer of the show took the actress to task for using her Twitter feed to express her thoughts on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion of gender equality, Grimes stood her ground.

The dust-up began simply enough, with Grimes addressing RBG’s death. “Rest in power. Resist in peace,” she tweeted, adding, “A legacy and career for the ages.” It was a sentiment shared by many daytimers as the sad news spread, and one echoed in the responses by most of those who follow Grimes. One, however, thought the actress had veered out of her lane.

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Young & Restless has been my favorite show since high school,” the person replied. “Since you have decided to become so political, not taking into consideration your fans come from all political affiliations, I fast-forward through every one of your scenes.”

The angry viewer, whose name and Twitter handle we’re not mentioning, went on to suggest to Grimes that “as a celebrity, you should consider your whole fan base before speaking. [Your] job is to entertain us, period.”

In response, Grimes quipped that she “never saw that clause in the actor contract I signed when I started; I’ll have to have my lawyers look into that.” Accompanying the tweet was a gif of Jim Carrey’s character in the movie Liar, Liar declaring, “The truth shall set you free!”

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Grimes also asked her would-be silencer whether they felt the same way toward cast members Eileen Davidson (Ashley), Bryton James (Devon), Brytni Sarpy (Elena), Eric Braeden (Victor) or Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki). “Just trying to get an idea of how much of the show you actually watch,” Grimes elaborated, “considering I don’t do anything differently than 99% of our cast.”

Many fans were quick to defend Grimes. “The only [contract] clause you or anyone should have is the right to say, think [and] be who you are without having to explain yourself to anyone,” tweeted @smblapintora. “We are all entitled to express our opinions without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion!”

But not all who responded saw things in the same light. “My opinion of actors,” wrote one, “is they are there to entertain me. Period. When they think they’re political scholars, that ceases to entertain me. If they spew enough hate, I stop watching them.”

Taking issue with that view, Grimes admitted she did not “dare claim to be a political scholar, just a human being passionate about our progress as a civilization and as a country. But posting that as an actor, I forfeit all rights to that and exist solely for your entertainment is bonkers. Should I don a jester’s apparel next?”

Grimes has become one of the most outspoken daytimers on Twitter, fearlessly championing causes in which she believes. She’s also incredibly forthright when it comes to sharing details about her own life, as evidenced when earlier this year she came out as bisexual. “My [boyfriend] is bisexual, and it was during conversations with him that it just clicked,” she admitted to her Twitter followers. “Honestly feel stupid I didn’t come to the conclusion sooner!”

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