Adam declare war Y&R
Credit: Image: CBS screenshot

Young and Restless revisits a tiresome pattern between father and son.

Sure, Adam’s (Mark Grossman) been sour that Victor kept the truth from him about AJ Montalvo’s death, and he’s struggled to come to terms with it, but the latest turn in the storyline, with Adam declaring war on Victor makes no sense at all. Here’s why…

While Victor (Eric Braden) may have hidden the truth, in hopes that Adam would never remember the events surrounding Montalvo’s death, he’s been supportive and concerned about him since the whole story was revealed. Most importantly, Adam, spurred on by Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), blames Victor for the truth coming out when it was their plot to manipulate and blackmail Victor that forced the reveal in the first place!

Weirder still, Chelsea had just told Adam that Billy (Jason Thompson) and Alyssa (Maria DiDomenico) were gunning for him, when he inexplicably decided they should join forces and declare war on Victor. Why not focus on Billy, who is carrying on a vendetta despite having told Adam eons ago that he forgave him for his role in Delia’s death. If anything, Victor’s more likely to emerge as an ally for Adam’s cause once he gets wind of what Billy and Alyssa are up to.

Adding to the confusion, we’ve watched Adam agonize for weeks over the incident in Kansas setting the tone for his life and turning him into some kind of monster. It bothered him so much that it doesn’t make sense for him to turn on a dime because Chelsea told him to accept who he is and join in on her plan.

Given that Sharon’s (Sharon Case) been putting in time while battling cancer and risking her own relationship to convince her former husband he’s a good person, she’s not likely to take too kindly to Chelsea egging Adam on to embrace his darker side. At least there’s potential for conflict here.

Last, Adam and Victor declaring war on each other got old several battles ago. It’s become a tiresome pattern and many had hoped to see a new dynamic emerge between them or Young and Restless take the opportunity to redeem Adam.

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