Sharon, Adam collage Y&R
Credit: Image: Sean Smith, Howard Wise/JPI

Young and Restless’ characters have a history of turning to one another.

Ever since Adam (Mark Grossman) turned to his former love Sharon (Sharon Case) for help after learning he had killed a man as a boy, we’ve been predicting a Shadam reunion, not only because the chemistry between real-life couple Grossman and Case leaps off the screen, but because historically, these characters just can’t seem to quit each other.

Signs that the attraction was blossoming once again were subtle at first, such as a line from Adam about Sharon ‘knowing him better than anyone’ and Chelsea interrupting their close moment in Kansas. As Sharon got the news that her breast cancer had spread, it was Adam she went to in the seedy motel room where he had holed up – twice – rather than home to Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). There they shared more intimate moments, after which, Adam went home and told Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) he could no longer be with her and Connor. Sharon, meanwhile, dreamt about Adam coming to her door, unable to stay away, and determined to fight the familiar feelings, informed Adam she wanted to make things work with Rey.

Looking back on the convoluted and tumultuous history of these star-crossed lovers, they were drawn back together time and again despite all the odds, and regardless of circumstances that would have killed the love between any other couple. Aside from Adam stealing Sharon’s baby, he also left her to go down for a murder she didn’t commit out of jealousy, but he also did plenty to redeem himself, such as saving the lives of her kids and helping her escape from a prison sentence.

Adam seems to be a man wrestling with his conscience at this point, and Sharon’s soft spot for him clearly remains. Will this soap couple finally find their way back to one another?

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