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What happens next will decide how fans ultimately feel about this storyline.

That The Young and the Restless’ Amanda is Hilary’s twin sister, as revealed by the new cover of Soap Opera Digest and mountains of evidence, will probably come as a surprise to no one when it’s finally confirmed on air. We’ve all pretty much assumed that that would be the case, haven’t we, from the moment that Mishael Morgan returned to the CBS soap as a dead ringer for for Devon’s late wife. 

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But that, it seems, isn’t the end of the story, just a footnote in it. “If you’re waiting for a bombshell,” the actress tweeted on September 14, “we won’t disappoint.”

Castmate Bryton James (Devon) went a step further, suggesting that we didn’t even know what the bombshell was — well, not the whole bombshell, anyway. “If you think [Amanda being Hilary’s twin] is the extent of the bombshell,” he teased on Twitter, “you don’t know The Young and the Restless.”

So… what could it be? If it were just that the women were siblings, that wouldn’t be that big a deal, would it? Even Amanda and Devon have already deduced that since she shares Hilary’s smile, her birthday (likely) and her blood type, they’re probably related. But that’s not exactly a game-changer. It isn’t as if Devon would immediately fall head over heels in love with Amanda just because she shares his ill-fated wife’s DNA. She’s a different person, a new friend at best. And, thank you very much, he’s happily involved with Elena. (You can retrace the steps of their romance via this photo-filled timeline.) He wouldn’t likely be more affected if Amanda and Hilary have a family tie than, say, Michael was when he found out that Jill was Lauren’s sister.

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