Summer, Kyle, Lola Y&R
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Will Young and Restless character be drawn back to his ex-wife?

Soap operas aren’t known for being subtle when it comes to dropping hints about what’s coming up. Chances are, if a character – or couple – keeps insisting that everything’s fine or that ‘fill in the blank’ would never happen…it’s foreshadowing. With that in mind, red flags have been flying on Young and Restless that Kyle (Michael Mealor) is going to hurt Summer (Hunter King). Here’s what we’ve seen…

When Young and Restless returned from the production shutdown, and Lola (Sasha Calle) got back from Miami, some of her first scenes were with Kyle, who was trying to make small talk and check in. Granted, this could have been out of residual guilt feelings for dumping her, but we had to wonder if he was harboring any unresolved feelings, especially since he has a keen interest in her relationship with Theo (Tyler Johnson) as well.

More obvious, were the constant references and reassurances during Summer and Kyle’s meet-up with her parents, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Nick (Josh Morrow). From Summer promising her father that Kyle was over Lola and they were deliriously happy, to Phyllis suggesting Summer needed to keep an eye on Kyle and warning him about hurting her again – as Nick had also done previously – the hints that something will happen were dropping like anvils. Factor in Kyle’s odd hesitation when Summer proposed moving in together on their picnic, and you’ve got a solid set of soap signals that this relationship will be tested.

With Young and Restless spoilers saying Kyle’s love will be tested, and teasers about Lola seeing another side to Theo (who was flirting with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) in Lola’s restaurant the other day), it’s not hard to imagine his protective side coming out with his ex and landing him in a whole lot of hot water with Summer and her whole family.

It all has us wondering if Kyle and Summer will ever occupy the house Nick’s building or if they’ll be doomed to the same fate as Nick and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan).

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