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Credit: Images: Howard Wise/JPI (2), Aaron Montgomery/JPI, XJ Johnson/JPI

It’s about time the former playboy jumped back into the dating pool!

While spending some quality time with mom Dina recently, The Young and the Restless’ Jack “definitely felt she was trying to tell me something, and eventually, I got it,” he shared with kid brother Billy. And what was it that she was attempting to suggest? “That I should find love again.”

Dunno about you guys, but we cried “Hallelujah!” upon hearing that! It’s been far, far too long since Smilin’ Jack had a romantic reason to smile. And as portrayer Peter Bergman told Soap Opera Digest in 2019, “Jack’s not a whole man or a whole character without a woman in his life.”

At this point, the former Casanova might actually be able to keep a woman in his life, too. Though he’s collected enough divorce decrees to wallpaper a room, “most of Jack’s marriages, he blew up because he couldn’t be emotionally accessible and honest,” Bergman noted. “These are hallmarks of who Jack is today. It will be interesting to see how much better he might be at relationships now.”

The character is certainly optimistic about his prospects. “There is someone out there for me,” he told Billy. “I just have to find her!”

Nikki, Phyllis and Sharon’s former husband doesn’t have to do it alone, however. Soaps.com has made up a list of five women to whom we could imagine Jack losing his heart for good. Just click on the photo gallery below to see if you agree with our choices.