Christel Khalil, Jason Thompson Y&R
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Young and Restless actress is having fun.

Actress Christel Khalil is gushingly happy about the new direction her Young and Restless character, Lily Winters, is taking after agreeing to Jill’s (Jess Walton) plan for her to team with Billy (Jason Thompson) to run Chancellor Industries’ media division, Chancellor Communications, aka, ‘Chance Comm’. Khalil told CBS soaps in depth, “The business side and dealing with Billy and the Newmans and all these things that are coming. It’s definitely a fun thing to do because I’ve never gotten to do it with her before.”

As Young and Restless fans know, Lily’s storylines largely revolved around her romance (and marriage) with Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) since 2007, and the pair had two children together, who were aged to teenagers in 2017. Khalil elected to go to recurring when Lily went to jail and her marriage to Cane ended, but now the actress is back on contract and excited about the future. She stated, “It’s nice as an actor for Lily to come in and be able to work with someone different and play different things. It definitely instills a breath of fresh air, which is really nice.”

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As Lily blazes a trail as co-CEO of Chancellor Communications, Khalil hinted that her character may not be the only one in such a position moving forward, and teased, “There has been a shift on the show to being more women in power. And they saw Lily as a part of that, which I’m very grateful for.” We love to see it!

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