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… their interaction is likely to be more business than pleasure.

No one needs to tell The Young and the RestlessVictoria Newman that it pays to have friends in high places. Heck, does the heiress/tycoon even have any friends in low places? And next week — on Wednesday, Sept. 2, to be exact — she connects with a gentleman who’s described by Soap Opera Digest as an ally of Newman Enterprises.

Who is he? Dan Szymborksi is his name, and his portrayer is Robert Gossett, the cousin of Louis Gossett Jr. and a veteran of TNT’s The Closer and its spinoff, Major Crimes. The actor also has a background in soaps: Not only did he recur on Passions in the early 2000s as Theresa’s hilariously-named lawyer, Woody Stumper — that’s him below with Lindsay Korman-Hartley — but he appeared in a handful of episodes of The Young and the Restless in 2007 as an incident commander. Given how many “incidents” occur in Genoa City every day, we can’t fathom how that didn’t become a full-time gig!

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Certainly, Victoria could use some backup these days — from Dan and anyone else who might be willing to provide it. Her power plays as CEO of Newman have made her father see red. And although she’s made it contractually tricky for him to can her, as he’s done so many others who’ve served as his seat-filler, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for him to convince the conglomerate’s board to give her the boot.

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