Victor Nikki marriage over
Credit: Image: CBS

Things are getting tense out at the Newman ranch! 

You’d probably need a degree in advanced mathematics to figure out how many times The Young and the RestlessVictor and Nikki have married, divorced, separated and/or had their union declared invalid for one reason or another. But discerning what will upset their romantic apple cart next is as simple as adding one (Victoria taking over Newman Enterprises) plus one (Nikki becoming her daughter’s COO) to get two times the agita for Victor.

Nikki wasn’t the only one taken aback when Victoria suggested her mom become second in command at the family company. In fact, Nikki suspected the real-estate division she heads up — and honestly, who knew that was still a thing? — was going to be the next item up for bids at her daughter’s fire sale! Wisely, Nikki thought twice before accepting the offer, knowing full well that hubby Victor would see this not as a move to be cheered but as his vindictive daughter using the love of his life against him!

Ultimately, however, Victoria proved to be one heck of a saleswoman, convincing her mom to sign on the dotted line. (Sidebar: Ever notice that on soaps, people simply jump in and out of jobs without so much as discussing salary requirements or vacation days?)

Nikki’s second surprise of the day came when she told Victor about her new position. Though clearly braced for a hearty dose of his anger — no doubt expecting a lecture declaring her actions an “egregious affront” — Victor instead seemed… well, if not excited for his wife, vaguely supportive. But that, of course, was because he assumed she’d become his spy! The third surprise of the day was not Nikki’s, but Victor’s, when she made it clear she had no interest in nor intention of indulging in familial espionage!

Now, the battle lines have been drawn, and in big, bold, unmistakable strokes! Victor has already warned his Mrs. that at some point, she’ll be forced to choose sides. And it’s worth remembering that while Nikki may love her husband with all her heart, she’s not one to let him mess with her head. In fact, if the two were to compete in a contest to determine which of them was the more stubborn, it might well end in a tie!

They say a house divided against itself cannot stand, and we’re pretty sure that applies even if the home in question is actually a billion-dollar ranch. It seems practically inevitable that Nikki’s new job will wind up creating between her and Victor the kind of rift which swallows marriages whole. It’s only a matter of how many “ticks” we’ll hear before things go “boom!”

After hitting the comments to tell us whether you think the oft-married Newmans will be able to survive this latest test of their union, peruse the gallery below to see a selection of men we think could help Victoria unwind after a stressful day as Newman’s big boss!