young restless eric braeden defends doug davidson contract
Credit: Images: CBS (2)

The Emmy winner is as dismayed by his castmate’s lack of screentime as fans are.

Viewers of The Young and the Restless aren’t the only ones who want to see more of Doug Davidson as Paul. Eric Braeden (Victor) does, too, and he’s not the least bit shy about expressing his bewilderment at his fellow Emmy winner’s reduced role on the CBS soap.

“It’s a mystery to me,” he tweeted on August 18, “why Dougie isn’t far more present on a show he helped create!!”

Needless to say, Davidson was grateful for the support from his castmate and friend. “You are so kind, Eric,” he replied. “Thank you so very much for your kindness and support. Much appreciated.” On Instagram, Davidson added that he was “so incredibly touched by this gesture [that] my gratitude is beyond words.”

Braeden has long been as passionate and vocal a booster of Davidson’s as any member of the audience — an audience that, it bears mentioning, was so psyched to see him more often when The Young and the Restless was airing repeats that they thought he’d been bumped to recurring all over again when new episodes began airing.

“I think some clarification is in order,” Davidson tweeted on August 14. “My contract was not renewed in January 2018. Nothing has changed since then.

“With the classic shows airing, I was appearing more often than in the current shows,” he added. “I’m not sure where the confusion came from.”

What do you think? Would you, like Braeden and so many of us, like to see Davidson more often on The Young and the Restless? Did you like the storyline idea we came up with for Paul? Check it out, hit the comments, and while you’re here, perhaps you’d also enjoy reviewing the below photo gallery, pictures of the life and times of Paul’s one and only.