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Credit: Image: T. Arroyo/JPI

Young and Restless character needs an ‘outside of work’ interest.

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is back in the CEO seat at Newman Enterprises after being ousted in favor of her loathed half-brother Adam (Mark Grossman) again, and while Victoria’s plotting a huge power move, all work and no play is just not fair for the dynamic daughter of Victor Newman.

Vikki definitely needs to have interests outside of work…preferably a love interest. She’s currently spending time around Genoa City business types and movers and shakers, and there are a few professional types we can think of that she might connect with, but it’s always fun for a girl to take a walk on the wild side as well.

Some of Victoria’s most popular hook-ups were with the most unlikely men, but with whom she could let her hair down. She’s been drawn to numerous bad boy types that have been able to thaw her inner ice queen, if only for a short time.

Not all women need to be involved in a serious relationship, and it could be Victoria will need all of her focus to be on Newman Enterprises for the time being, but there are numerous past lovers Victoria’s had that she could reconnect with and a few future possibilities that she hasn’t had the pleasure of fully getting to know yet.

Her new love interest could be someone we’ve never met before, but chances are it’s someone already on canvas, or from her past. We shared a few of our ideas as we anticipate what’s coming up for Victoria .

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