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Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The words “Wait, whaaaat?!?” were practically invented for this plot.

We don’t get it. We juuust don’t get it. The Young and the Restless’ Adam Newman is reeling, positively reeling, from the revelation that at age 11, he killed AJ Montalvo in order to protect his dear mother, Hope. And we’d understand his extreme reaction if only it weren’t for… well, pretty much Adam’s entire history.

You or us? We’d get it if we were freaked out to learn that we’d taken a life and repressed the memory (regardless of whether we’d been a kid when it happened). The letters O, M and G were practically invented for such a development. In Adam’s case, though, it just doesn’t make sense. Consider…

Adam’s never seemed to feel very (or at all) guilty about having offed Richard Hightower; heck, he even convinced poor Patty to take the rap for that crime! We can’t recall him expressing a whole lotta remorse about the fact that he caused Ashley to lose his stepsibling while he was gaslighting her in Sabrina drag, either. Nor can we remember a long series of scenes in which he tossed and turned at night over the way that he stole Sharon’s newborn, Faith, to give Ashley the child that she imagined she was still carrying. We don’t even remember a short series of scenes like that!

What’s more, despite what Adam did to Sharon, he’s now turned to her, of all people, to use her newly-acquired skills as a therapist to help him cope with the fact that he killed AJ Montalvo… again, to protect his mother. Adam has a lot — like, a crazy lot — to feel bad about. But this doesn’t make the Top 20; it probably doesn’t even make the list at all!

What do you think, Young and Restless fans? Are you as bewildered by this plot as we are? Can you explain why Adam has had a bigger reaction to AJ Montalvo’s justifiable homicide than, say, Hightower’s unjustifiable one? And why is he more upset about blood that he got on his hands as a minor than he is about, for instance, the dude that he killed as an adult in Vegas in order to save Chance?

Yep, we keep coming back to “This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.” While you do your best not to lose all your hair from scratching your head over this — too late for us! — perhaps you might enjoy distracting yourself with the below photo gallery, a roundup of daytime’s best recasts ever, including an actor who just happens to be currently involved in a storyline that… well, it’s probably not going to make any best-of lists, let’s put it that way!