Adam learns of surgery Y&R
Credit: Image: CBS screenshot

Jealousy rears its ugly head.

In the Young and Restless spoiler video for the week August 17 – 21, Adam tells Chelsea that he needs help, to which Chelsea snaps, “The type of help only Sharon can give you?” Jack and Victoria speak on the phone, and Victoria tells him everything is on track. Jack lets her know that she can count on him. And Amanda and Billy are shocked by Victoria’s latest move. Billy notes, “We’d be in a war. Newman on Newman. Never a safe place to be.”

Last week, Victoria was back in as CEO of Newman Enterprises. A post-surgery Sharon told her family she would still need to continue her chemo and worried about her scars. Adam was stunned when the groundskeeper on Hope’s farm confirmed that he, not Victor, killed AJ Montalvo. Adam went to Sharon for help trying to remember what happened. Phyliss and Abby’s hotel wars continued, and Phyllis planted dinosaur fossils on Abby’s property to stop the construction. And Ashley Abbott returned as Dina’s condition continued to deteriorate.

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