Restless Rant
Week of October 19 – 23:

The writers continued the trend of more balanced storytelling this week on The Young and the Restless, but I still find the show has an air of negativity about it – everyone’s irritable and argumentative! Ashley tears a strip off Victor, Victor reams out a variety of people, JT and Victoria have heated exchanges, Katherine dumps on Jack – the list goes on. Even the christening lacked joy given the tense relationships of all those involved. There was some romance though, and a couple of laughs, although not nearly as many as I’d like. Let’s break it up:

Kevin/Ryder Situation: You’d think after all of this time, the last thing Kevin would be anymore is gullible, yet there he was, asking Jana to let trouble camp out on their sofa! The Fisher/Baldwins could probably use a break from falling into disastrous circumstances, but alas, it’s not to be. The high points of this developing storyline are: Lauren getting a story, Wilson Bethel (who’s doing a great job as Ryder), the intrigue of who Ryder’s mastermind mommy might be, and of course, Deacon. While I’m tired of the “Kevin and the gang in hot water” theme, I’m willing to give this a chance.

Daniel/Amber: I loved their latest romantic reunion, but they need to chill for a while now. No more flip-flopping for Daniel, no more misunderstandings or break-ups for the time being, or it’s going to get annoying.

Victor: He seems to be getting back to his old self this week, brazenly kicking people out of his hospital room, laying the blame at other’s feet, and speaking abruptly where only a week ago he was whispering. There was one Victor scene that particularly struck me this week. At the christening, when Jack leaned over Victor’s shoulder and told Baby Faith that she is an Abbott too, and he’ll never let anyone forget it. First, I laughed at Victor’s expression, then immediately thought how their rich history will be missed with the departure of Victor, and then I was slightly repulsed by the old rivalry rearing it’s head so soon after Colleen’s death. Speaking of Victor and Jack, it seems like both are getting some karmic payback this week – Victor stripped of his Ranch, and Jack failing in his attempt to keep Jabot in the family.

Jill and Jabot: I LOVE this! There is nothing better than the age-old rivalry between former lovers Jill and Jack. Their scenes are electric – can’t wait for the zingers and one-liners! It will be totally entertaining to see them trying to run Jabot together – go Katherine!

Victoria and JT: Count me on Team JT! Victoria is exactly like Victor – expects to have everything exactly the way she wants it – always has. I wish she were the one leaving to take a job out of town, though…

Billy: I find it infinitely interesting that Jack doesn’t see what a ‘mini-me’ Billy is – Jack was just like him when he was younger – and now Jack’s doling out advice and shaking his head at Billy’s antics – too funny. Billy is immature, impulsive and a hothead, but I look forward to exciting things happening over at Restless Style now!

Mackenzie: What’s with her giving advice to the men in town? She’s had pow-wows with Chance, Cane, and JT this week! I give them credit just for staying awake long enough to hear what she has to say – such a dreary character.