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Lily might not be as over her ex-husband as she thinks she is! 

When The Young and the Restless broke up Cane and Lily, we cheered. Not because we’re horrible, awful people who wanted their fans to suffer, or even because we disliked the pairing. Rather, we’re big believers that even the most super of supercouples needs to occasionally be torn asunder, if only so they (and we) can be reminded that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

What we didn’t anticipate was that once the couple had divorced, they’d both leave town! In our minds, we saw the end as a new beginning in which Cane would finally prove himself truly worthy of Lily, whom he had hurt time and again over the years. It would be an epic love-conquers-all story with plenty of twists and turns before the inevitable reunion.

Instead, Cane left to search for his missing dad and retrieve former brother-in-law Devon’s money, while Lily started a new life (and even went on a few dates, we were told) in another town. Since then, Devon’s loot has been retrieved, Lily’s returned to flirt — sorry, work with — Billy, and Cane… well, he’s remained inexplicably absent.

But what if during his time away from Genoa City, Cane’s been taking steps to make himself the kind of man Lily deserves… even as she’s back home, getting ever closer to Billy! After all, from the moment Jill coerced Lily into a partnership with Billy, the two have butted heads in that way that longtime soap fans know means business will soon mix with pleasure!

YR Billy lily cane return triangle

It’s not as if this particular pairing would come out of nowhere. You’ll recall that Billy and Lily actually do have a bit of a past: Appropriately enough, they began dating during one of her many previous splits from Cane. But when Billy admitted that he, not Cane, was the father of Chloe’s about-to-be-born child, the quartet once again traded partners.

Meanwhile, Cane has to have earned at least a few points with Lily by helping set in motion events which led to Devon reclaiming the fortune with which he’s helping to make the world a better place. Were Charlie and Mattie’s dad to reveal that he’d also secured their financial futures (as well as that of half brother Sam), perhaps Lily would see that the guy was trying his best! Cue Billy setting out to sabotage his rival and… well, the story practically writes itself!

Would you like to see Cane return to Genoa City and try to reclaim the family he’s lost? Hit the comments with your thoughts on Lily’s love life, then visit the gallery below as we review her long and tumultuous romance with Cane via a photo-filled relationship timeline.