Phyllis, Nick speculation split Y&R
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Will the Young and Restless couple have second thoughts?

Upcoming Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Summer (Hunter King) will let her recently reconciled parents Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Nick (Josh Morrow) know her true feelings about their relationship on a new episode of the CBS soap opera, and we’re wondering if her words will have an impact…

Before Young and Restless shut down production Summer had expressed frustration after catching her parents canoodling in public and deducing that they were back together. She was outspoken about their on-again, off-again track record and didn’t seem to understand why they were bothering to give it another shot. Her boyfriend Kyle (Michael Mealor) gently pointed out that they were giving love another chance, but perhaps Summer still believes it’s ‘different’ with her and Kyle than Phyllis and Nick. Given teases that Kyle’s love will be tested, their situations may not be so dissimilar after all.

If Summer presses her opinion that her mother and father should not be back together and that their relationship is doomed, it could cause serious doubts for Phyllis, Nick, or both, and may lead to them breaking up. Of course, they may just ignore her concerns as they seemed to when she first voiced them, since they’re caught up in the renewed passion.

A twist would be if Summer decides that she’s happy they are back together and pressures them to stay serious and not mess it up this time. That could have the reverse effect and cause them to split pre-emptively in a panic of rethinking, or it could have them marching down the aisle to recommit.

Do you think Summer’s opinion will have an effect on Nick and Phyllis’ relationship? Let us know in the comments, then look back on photos of Nick Newman over the years in the gallery below.

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