Elena, Devon tension Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Young and Restless storyline hints secrets causing splits.

With new Young and Restless spoilers indicating that Mishael Morgan’s character, Amanda Sinclair, will become part of a storyline that involves the reveal of surprising secrets and includes not only Nate (Sean Dominic) but also Devon (Bryton James) and Elena (Brytni Sarpy), it seems hopeful that the powers that be will finally address Amanda’s connection to her doppelganger, and Devon’s late wife, Hilary Curtis Hamilton.

Presumably, the actress was brought back to Young and Restless following the outcry over Hilary’s death and the loss of potential with her and James, who shared amazing onscreen chemistry, so it was puzzling to have Amanda sidelined into a storyline involving Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and his troubles while everyone ignored the elephant in the room – that Amanda’s identical appearance to Hilary could mean they were somehow connected. Though Morgan’s Amanda shared chemistry with Thompson’s Billy as well, it’s a no-brainer to weave her back into a story with James to take advantage of their former pairing’s popularity.

That brings us to Devon’s current love, Elena, who is played by James’ offscreen live-in love, Sarpy. Chemistry obviously isn’t an issue, but Elena’s character hasn’t been fleshed out or given a lot to do since she first appeared on the sudser, and with Devon relegated to a supporting role even in his own stories it has translated to the couple being perceived as dull. This story sounds like just what they need.

If an Amanda and Hilary connection is revealed causing Devon to be drawn to her, Elena would no doubt roar to life to fight for her man, and with Nate in the mix, and a great match on paper for Elena, we could be looking at musical partners.

Spoilers for the first week of new episodes also hint that Amanda will put the kibosh on dating Nate and that she and Devon will bond…all of which support the theory.

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