Daniel Goddard Fired Journey Rejected
Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

Now, a new project has Cane’s portrayer flying high!

It was like a mini-reunion when The Young and the Restless Daniel Goddard (ex-Cane) hung out with former co-stars Mishael Morgan (Amanda), Bryton James (Devon) and Sean Dominic (Nate) during a live chat on Twitter and Facebook Monday. The foursome’s laugh-filled conversation took some unexpected twists, covering everything from soaps which have featured vampires to the Kama Sutra. 

But things got real for a moment when Morgan asked their host how he was doing, having not chatted with him in a bit. “I went through a place of severe sort of like feelings of rejection,” Goddard admitted. “We lost Kristoff [St. John, Neil] last year, which was really hard, and then I lost my job.”

As often happens in times of crisis, these devastating blows had a life-altering impact on Goddard. “What’s really interesting is I kind of realized what was important,” he says, “and I reprioritized my life. I’m now probably the happiest I’ve been in a very long time, which is great.”

Morgan shared that she, too, has worked to find her own sense of peace. “For me, it took a few years to get that. I feel like I have that now,” she reflected. “It’s an understanding that happiness doesn’t come from anything else. It really comes from within. And when you discover that, it doesn’t matter where you are, what’s happening or how much money you make.”

Goddard compared the process he went through to one of his favorite pastimes, gardening. “What I’ve learned is that you have winters, and in winters, things need to slow down and rest,” he mused. “Things preserve their energy for spring” and a new growth spurt.

What grew during his own period of rejuvenation was Bildbord, the social-media app he’s worked on for the past two years with James, which has not only launched but has proven popular with, among others, soap fans. “It lets people find each other through their common interests,” Goddard explained.

Morgan, too, has put her recent downtime to good use. She and co-producer Tenika Davis created “The I Have A Dream Project.” As timely as it is moving, the 13-minute video features a wide variety of actors — including several familiar faces — recreating the famous speech by Dr. Martin Luther King.

“I wanted actors,” she shared, “because I wanted them to do what we do. I wanted them to take the words on the page and really bring them to life.” You can see the results of Morgan’s efforts by clicking on the video below.

Although fans filled the comment section with requests for teasers about The Young and the Restless’ upcoming return, the actors remained tight-lipped. Goddard joked that “there will be twists and turns” was about the most they’d say. Fortunately for you, however, we have all kinds of preview and aren’t nearly as shy about spilling it! Once you’ve read all about the action set to unfold in Genoa City, click on the gallery below to reminisce about some of the characters we miss terribly and would love to see back on The Young and the Restless!