Jack pensive Abby Y&R
Credit: Image: CBS

Here’s hoping for big surprises when Young & Restless returns.

As soon as news broke that Young and Restless had resumed production following months of lockdown, viewers began asking and anticipating when new episodes would begin to air, not that many weren’t enjoying the classics, which have provided some amazing forays down memory lane, but as always…we want to see what happens next on our program.

Young and Restless was battling issues – complaints of being boring and sagging ratings – prior to the shutdown, and many were hoping the extended downtime would give the powers that be a chance to turn things around in a big way. While we’re still hoping that will prove to be true, the first look at Young and Restless’ new episode spoilers didn’t exactly knock our socks off and it certainly doesn’t seem to be coming back with a ‘bang’ as General Hospital promised of their return.

Monday August 10 is slated to feature Billy (Jason Thompson) and Lily (Christel Khalil) interviewing Genoa City bigwigs on the anniversary of Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) dedication at Chancellor Park – a love letter to Katherine and the town. This could be fun, and presumably, the challenges associated with returning to filming likely necessitated easing back in, as they did with sister soap, Bold and Beautiful, which aired a ‘recap’ type installment when it returned.

As for the rest of the week, Sharon’s (Sharon Case) cancer storyline is bound to give us all the feels, but some are hoping it will be wrapped up in favor of less upsetting fare given the current circumstances in the world – we’ll have to see. The rushed storyline of Adam (Mark Grossman) trying to pin a murder on Victor (Eric Braeden), only to learn he was the one responsible, didn’t go over well but seems to feature heavily the first week back. Again, a wrap up would be preferable, and as spoilers hint that Victor will reach out to his son, perhaps it signals a new direction in their dynamic.

Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) sitcom-ish rivalry with Abby (Melissa Ordway), Summer (Hunter King) weighing in on her parents’ reunion, and Esther (Kate Linder) helping Kevin (Greg Rikaart) prepare for fatherhood are all pretty standard fare for this regime but could prove to be more fizzle than fireworks. The teasers surrounding the Abbotts, and Nikki trying to keep peace in her family (again/still), were pretty vague, but at least there’s a hint of an unpleasant exchange between Jack and Victor. We’ll take it.

Perhaps the most encouraging spoiler had to do with Devon (Bryton James) bonding with Amanda (Mishael Morgan) as this has been a long-time coming since Morgan’s return back in 2019, and viewers are extremely interested in learning her connection to his late-wife Hilary.

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