young restless first episode preview billy lily video

Don’t get your hopes up, Billy.

OK, clearly, these two are going to have to work on their communication skills. In a sneak preview of Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless — the CBS soap’s first since production shut down this past spring — Billy excitedly announces to business associate Lily that he woke up with a crazy idea. Well, “not crazy, per se,” he corrects himself, “more intriguing.”

But Lily isn’t remotely interested. It’s the day of the rededication at Chancellor Park, and she’s all about covering the event with one of Chancellor Industries’ on-line platforms. In her estimation, there’s an audience for updates on what everyone’s been up to since the last dedication. Plus, they’d make it a human-interest type piece — in a way, “a love letter to Katherine and the town.”

Billy’s on board. “We just need the perfect interviewer,” he says. And it’s clear from the way that he gazes at Lily that he has someone very specific in mind.

To watch the clip in full, just press PLAY on the video above. To watch the show’s “We’re back!” promo, click PLAY on the video below.

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