young restless melissa claire egan fertility issues
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

While the #womensupportingwomen hashtag dominated Instagram, Chelsea’s portrayer got real with her fellow “women warriors.”

As the Women Supporting Women Instagram challenge turned the internet black-and-white Monday, The Young and the RestlessMelissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) took part in a way that allowed her to really speak her truth. “As much as I want to only post that picture of me from a photo shoot years ago for this lovely #womensupportingwomen trend,” she wrote, “I also feel I’m not really supporting women if we’re not honest with each other. So I’d actually rather post this one.”

In the image Egan put up, she’s seen wearing a face mask and what looks like a hospital gown. It’s “from today,” she explained. “At a fertility clinic. Dealing with some [bleep].”

Of course, Egan wanted to participate in the movement, the goal of which is female empowerment. However, she wanted to do so in a way that felt authentic. Mission accomplished. “This is the real stuff women go through,” wrote the actress, who married Matt Katrosar six years ago. “I thought I’d also share this, to all the wonderful women out there, including my own personal tribe of best girlfriends and supporters. Being a woman isn’t easy!

“But we’re tough,” she added, “and we got this.”

It goes without saying that we wish Egan every success in dealing with her [bleep]. As for you, maybe it will help you deal with some of your day-to-day trials if you take a minute to chill while perusing the below photo gallery of The Young and the Restlessstars and their real-life partners.