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The 2020 Daytime Emmy nominee has a song in her heart.

Mastering one art form is hard enough, but Sasha Calle (Young and the Restless’, Lola) seems determined to be a star as both an actress and a musician. And if anyone can do it, we bet the Boston-born starlet (who speaks fluent Spanish and spent two years living in Colombia) can do it. Still, what do you really know about the 2020 Daytime Emmy nominee? Let’s find out more, starting with her birthday…

No matter what the internet claims, Sasha Calle’s birthday is August 7, not June 17. How can we be sure? Because she spelled it out on Twitter in 2019, when lots of fans celebrated her big day … on the wrong day. But at least she thanked her fans, noting, “I love you all dearly!! Thank you for being so special and smothering me with love.”

Calle was born on August 7, 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts. Her mom is Samira Calle, her stepfather is named Kevin and her brother is Jacob. At age 10, she relocated to Medellin, Colombia (where her mom is from) for two years, then came back to the U.S. to attend high school in Hollywood, Florida.

After high school, she pursued her theatrical and musical dreams at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, graduating with a BFA in Performing Arts. As she revealed in a fun throwback Instagram picture in 2019 with the “love of my life” (her mom), music has always been one of her greatest passions:

Calle expanded her acting range by appearing in several short films, and appeared as Virginia in the web series Socially Awkward in 2017 (note: talk is a little racy in the video):

But her big breakthrough came in 2018 when The Young and the Restless brought her on board as food-truck worker/future coma victim Lola. Clearly, she did something right in the role, because Calle landed a Daytime Emmy nomination as Outstanding Young Performer in 2020, writing on Twitter on the day of the nominations that her mom had called and was “currently dancing around her office” with joy:

She’s continued pursuing her love for music while acting on the show, and has a whole YouTube channel of videos, including this self-made one from 2018 where she sings a cover of Voy a Olvidarte (I’m Going to Forget You) by the band Reik, a group she was “obsessed with” when she lived in Columbia:

She’s also shared original songs on Instagram, like I Think About Kissing You a Lot, which she posted in March. In the caption she wrote, “Kiss me through Face-Time”!

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Kiss me through Face-Time

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And in February of this year, she released her first song (and video), a cover of Lauryn Hill’s 1998 song “Ex-Factor.” As part of the Instagram snippet, she wrote in the caption, “Patience has been a huge factor for me during the process of creating my first music project. Singing, writing, performing. It does something to me I could never explain. It’s home. and not being able to share that with you yet.. hurts sometimes.”

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A piece of my heart. Patience has been a huge factor for me during the process of creating my first music project. Singing, writing, performing. It does something to me I could never explain. It’s home. and not being able to share that with you yet.. hurts sometimes. On a day where I felt hopeless and in need to sing, to connect. I called the incredible @david_bu and asked if he’d be down to record a live one take cover with me. “David, I’ll be releasing this one” He didn’t ask questions, just said yes and gave me a time. This song takes me back to a very bittersweet moment in my life. Where I fell in love for the first time and then felt like It was ripped away from me. My heart was hurting for a while there. Anyway. I’m sick of not showing you this massive part of myself. So we’ll start with Lauryn’s song as I continue working on my music. I love you and I hope you enjoy it. Ex-Factor Now Avail on all platforms. Stream it, share it, cry with it like I did. X *Special thank you to @trueneek and @david_bu for doing this one with me and convincing me this was the only take we needed. And my love @saro for being a rock through this release and capturing the artwork. I love you. Links in bio. X

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Here’s the full video from her YouTube page:

But it’s not just about music and acting for Calle, who is pretty deft with a boxing glove:

And has a sweet sense of humor! As she writes in the caption, if you keep swiping on the pictures you’ll see her “in bed with my sexy soul mate”:

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💐 swipe to see me in bed with my sexy soul mate

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Happy birthday to Calle, no matter when it happens during the year.

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Video: Sasha Calle/Addicted Media/YouTube