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A Dangerous Fan.

This new fan fiction story will have readers worried for Traci’s safety and wishing they were there to keep her safe…

Well-known romance author Traci Abbott traveled from Genoa City, where she was helping her family care for their ailing mother Dina, to New York City to meet with her publisher about her newest novel. Her published had wanted her to go on a publicity tour for the book, but she told him that it would likely be difficult given her mother’s illness; she felt it would be best, for now, to stay close to her and her family.

Then her publisher suggested a book signing while she was in New York City, and she agreed to do that. He shared information about the signing location, then Traci went to her apartment after the meeting to rest and catch up on a few things. And was totally unaware that someone had been watching her. The someone was a woman who loved her work; loved her more and wanted to be Traci Abbott herself.

To get into the building, the woman had created a plan – she would pretend to be an agent and speak with Traci about marketing her new book. Getting onto the elevator, she opened her purse and touched the bottle of knockout drops she had brought with her. On Traci’s floor, she rang the bell for her apartment and waited.

Traci assumed the caller was her publisher – he was the only one who knew she was back in New York City. But when she opened the door, she saw a woman standing outside. “May I help you?” Traci asked her.

“I’m a publishing agent and would like to come in and speak with you a moment,” the woman replied.

“I don’t need an agent – “

The woman quickly pulled the bottle of drops from her purse and sprayed some into Traci’s face. Traci collapsed, and the woman grabbed her and took her into the apartment and closed the door. Putting her on the couch, she tied her hands behind her.

Traci’s publisher meanwhile was meeting with his assistant about the signing. When he was finished, he had decided to call Traci and invite her to have dinner with him while she was in the city. He called her; the call went straight to her voicemail. Deciding to stop at her apartment, he left the office.

Traci awakened after a while and realized her hands were tied. Then she glanced at the woman who now had a gun in her hand.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“I love you,” she said. “You’re my favorite author; I just wanted to spend some time with you.”

Ten minutes later, Traci’s publisher arrived at the building, got in the elevator, and rode up to her apartment.

Will Traci’s publisher be able to rescue Traci from her obsessed fan?

Will the fan kill Traci before he gets to the apartment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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