Nick learns Victor's options on Young and Restless
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An eye for an eye! is back with part 2 of the deliciously old school fan fiction story which showcases the rivalry between Abby and Phyllis. Last time, Abby pulled out all the stops to ensure Phyllis didn’t sabotage the opening of her hotel, The Le Luxe. This time, Phyllis turns the tables on Abby.

Abby’s grand opening of her new hotel, Le Luxe, was going phenomenally! Every person of importance was there. Not only were all the influential people of Genoa City in attendance, but the Who’s Who of business and politics across the country had come for a peek at the new go-to-place for meetings and conventions. The Newman name had a stellar reputation and Abby certainly knew how to market that fact!

Silently laughing at how she got the best of Phyllis, Abby was enjoying the festivities with Chance as she circulated the facility to greet each person with her warmth and charm. An abundance of accolades was flowing freely as the night went on. Abby felt so proud of this accomplishment. It was even better than she had imagined.

As Phyllis raged at how Abby got the better of her, she began to focus on how the evening would end. There was still a surprise Phyllis had for Abby! That would certainly make up for what Abby did to her, or at least make her feel better about it.

Nick had no idea what happened at the hotel’s grand opening. One minute Phyllis was there; the next she was gone. He heard that she had left in a hurry. Curious about what happened, Nick went to The Grand Phoenix Hotel to Phyllis’ room. As he opened the door, Phyllis screeched as she pulled a towel around her head.

“Why did you leave so suddenly?” Nick asked confused.

“Don’t look at me!” Phyllis fumed as she rushed into the bathroom to hide.

“What’s going on?” Nick asked, confused at her behavior.

“Not now. Give me a few minutes,” Phyllis begged for her solitude.

Back at Le Luxe, the music was melodiously filtering throughout the facility as the drinks flowed and the appetizers tantalized the guests. The festive mood continued as Abby’s assistant reminded her that there were some congratulatory gifts that were brought to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

Wanting to show her appreciation and to include everyone in the unveiling of the guests’ generosity, Abby invited everyone to gather as she opened the tokens of well-wishes.

One package in particular had caught Abby’s eye. The ornate box so beautifully decorated was irresistible not to be opened first. As she smiled at the guests while she lifted the lid, Abby’s eyes closed tight as her face scrunched together turning in the opposite direction. Everyone gasped as they spread out in all directions.

“What the heck?” Chance yelled as he looked down at the gift, as the box collapsed flat on all sides.

Startled, a black and white skunk jumped out in the open as it generously sprayed its offensive odor on everyone and everything in sight!

Abby could imagine Phyllis laughing, “enjoy the ‘sweet’ smell of success!”

“This isn’t over!” Abby swore under her breath mocking her enemy as she wiped her stinging eyes.

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