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Credit: Image: CBS

Young & Restless actor is getting back into shape for his return to daytime.

We recently reported that Young & Restless pushed back the production of new episodes but set a date for a return. This after Bold & Beautiful resumed filming last month, but had to temporarily shut down for safety reasons, including securing enough tests to make sure the cast and crew were healthy. And while it is possible it will be pushed back again to make for a safe working environment, it is looking like the CBS soap opera is getting ready to return to filming based on tweets from Eric Braeden who plays the iconic Victor Newman on the show.

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Braden posted a video of himself hiking up a stone staircase outdoors on July 7, and at the top huffing out of breath. He is also sporting a grey goatee, a departure from his character’s iconic mustache. In the tweet he wrote, “Jack & Adam & BILLY BOY, GET READY FOR MY COME BACK!!!”

In response, a fan posted a collage of photos of Victor working out on Young & Restless which he retweeted.

Today, July 9, he posted a photo of himself in a face covering along with Young & Restless Executive Producer Tony Morina outside the studios in order to be tested. This suggests the show may be looking to begin taping new episodes as soon as possible. Bold & Beautiful is planning to use blow-up dolls or the actor’s real-life partners and camera tricks to safely film love scenes. We’ve already speculated that Melissa Ordway’s husband Justin Gaston could be brought in to help her, or as a new character for Abby Newman, and that a Shadam, a Sharon and Adam Newman reunion, could happen seeing Sharon Case and Mark Grossman are dating in real life.

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