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Young and Restless actress reveals who she’d like back and why she may cry.

Young and Restless actress Camryn Grimes, who plays Mariah Copeland, took to Twitter yesterday for a Q&A session as a classic episode featuring her former character, Cassie Newman, aired on CBS, and she watched along. Though she admitted, “It’s incredibly difficult for me to watch myself, I’m my worst critic.” The actress doesn’t remember a lot about filming her earliest scenes as she was so young but recalled the temperature.

Addressing questions about her current character in Genoa City, Grimes revealed what she likes most about Mariah.

When asked which storyline has been her favorite to play as Mariah, Grimes, who recently came out as bisexual, cited her alter-ego’s coming out and added, “1000%.”

Of her emotional scenes with co-star Cait Fairbanks, who plays her character’s partner Tessa Porter, the actress explained how they deal with the aftermath and said, “Depends on the scenes, sometimes we grab a glass of wine together and sometimes they’re just too draining and we need alone time in our dressing rooms.”

As to who she would want to see return to Young and Restless, Grimes wasn’t hesitant to name the actor who played Phyllis Summers’ (Michelle Stafford) onscreen son, Daniel Romalotti.

When a Twitter poster asked about the news that Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wants to appear on Y&R, Grimes’ response was hilarious.

As to how the actress expects to feel when Young and Restless returns to production and she’s reunited with her castmates after months of quarantine, Grimes believed she might be moved to tears.

Catch Mariah in the gallery below, which features Young and Restless friendships that will make you want to call your own BFF.

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