Abby does damage control Young and Restless

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 Blonde vs. Redhead.

This new Young and the Restless fan fiction story is sure to attract any soap viewer who is missing their daily dose of soapy manipulative goodness in the form of a rivalry. Take a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Abby glanced across the street at The Grand Phoenix Hotel. That was a good practice run for the real thing. With a smirk on her face and a gleam in her eyes, she prepared for the evening’s festivities. At last her hotel, The Le Luxe, was ready for its grand opening. (That’s French for luxury, “envious”, wealth, style, indulgence, richness = LewSir) She decided to add the word “envious” in her description as a dig to her competitor. Oh, how she savored this victory over Phyllis!

Looking around, Abby was pleased with the finished results; so exquisite, breathtaking. It made The Grand Phoenix look like an eight-dollar a night motel!

It had come to Abby’s attention that Phyllis planned to sabotage her opening night. No surprise there. But Phyllis didn’t realize that Abby was aware of her misdeeds and had planned a little surprise for her!

As Phyllis primped and preened for her uninvited entrance at the opening, she selected the perfect dress, and planned a spa day to indulge herself. Relaxing the day away, giggling about her “house warming gift” to Abby, Phyllis was pleased with herself and her shrewd sense of humor.

Abby was her mother’s daughter and inherited her knack for chemistry and concocting the most irresistible fragrances. Knowing that Phyllis would pamper herself by getting her hair done at The Grand Phoenix Salon, she created a “special” rinse for the occasion. Without being noticed, Abby slipped into the salon and left her gift for Phyllis with an intriguing note that this scented rinse would make her “shine” and be “noticed by everyone” in attendance. Playing to her ego was the best way to convince Phyllis to cosset herself with this luxurious fragrance.

Time was getting closer for the evening festivities. Phyllis had told Nick that they were invited to the opening, even though he was, but she wasn’t. Looking seductive in her form-fitting gown, Phyllis sashayed her way on Nick’s arm to the big reveal. Feeling very confident and full of herself, Phyllis looked Abby right in the eyes as they entered the hotel lobby. Abby politely smiled and greeted them with grace and poise.

As Phyllis flaunted herself for all to see, a tingling sensation ran down her back. She turned to see what it was. Did Nick run his fingers outlining her low-cut gown? No, he had gone to get their drinks. Suddenly, fingers were pointing and faces were laughing as Phyllis paraded about the room. Stopping to see what everyone was staring at she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror.

Horrified, all of her hair was gone! It dropped from her head in chunks! Her “shiny”, bald head beamed like a spotlight “attracting everyone’s attention!”

Her peripheral vision caught Abby standing nearby. What did she do?

“Just wait until she opens my gift!” Phyllis muttered as she ran to exit.

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