mamie owns cosmetics company Y&R
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While Kyle and Summer set up an exciting new business deal for Jabot, Jack is pleasantly surprised by the return of a very special person.

Summer and Kyle are sitting in Jack’s office at Jabot, setting up for a meeting.

“Are you sure Jack said he would be here at 10:00,” Summer asks anxiously.“It’s almost time.”

“Yes, he said he would make sure to be here, but he and Traci are taking Dina to the doctor first,” Kyle replies.

“Oh, Kyle, I didn’t think about Dina, is she doing ok?”

“Dad says she is much the same, it is just a checkup. Don’t be so nervous. We have done all our research, laid out all the reasons, we’ve got this,” Kyle reassuringly tells Summer. “Dad’s already agreed that the partnership will be a great thing for Jabot.”

“I know, but we have to make sure this entire deal is perfect, since it is your first since being named co-CEO and I’m the one who brought it to you,” Summer replies.

Jack stands in the doorway of his office and listens, though Summer and Kyle do not notice him.

“Summer, it is a perfect deal. Madame Obscure is the largest private cosmetics firm focusing on women of color, in the US. Jabot needs an entry into that segment and Madame Obscure is looking for additional financing and distribution,” Kyle states. “By the way, have you talked to Lauren about establishing counters in Fenmore’s?”

“Yes,” Summer answers.“Lauren said she can commit to having a Madame Obscure in every Fenmore’s location by the Christmas season.”

Jack enters his office and says, “See, I knew you both have this deal under control, I don’t know why you thought I needed to be here. Kyle, when Ashley and I agreed to put you in charge, we told you that you had our full confidence.”

“Dad,” Kyle says. “I know that, and that you need to focus on Dina, but the owner of Madame Obscure insisted that she had to meet with you before she would agree to the deal. And, we have to move fast Newman and Chancellor are both making offers.”

“Who is the owner? Do we know anything about her?” Jack asks as he looks over the business documents.

“Not really, she seems to be a very private woman. I don’t even know her name. All we know is that in 2005 she founded the company and quietly grew it into the largest privately owned minority centered cosmetics business in the country,” says Summer with an air of admiration.

At that moment a woman enters the doorway of the office and says “Jackie!”

Jack turns around and looks happily shocked as he says, “Mamie…Mamie is that you?”

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“Yes, Jack it’s me, or as some people might call me now Madame Obscure,” Mamie answers with a smile.

Jack rushes over and hugs Mamie, with a tear in his eye.

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