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Credit: Image: Aaron Montgomery, Howard Wise/JPI

These Young and Restless characters never should have gone ‘there’.

The news that Young and Restless has targeted a return date to resume filming new episodes has our heads filled with all things Genoa City. Of course, one of the things we’re most eager to see when airings get back to normal is our favorite pairings. This got us to thinking about couples who became involved in romance, when they probably should have just stayed as friends…

Young and Restless has a history of iconic friendships from besties to bromances, but some of the friendships that blossomed on the show between members of the opposite sex have inevitably been written into romances. Often it’s because the powers that be want to test the waters, then go with it, or because the match-up works for the storyline or creates drama with other characters. That said, fans sometimes wonder what the writers are thinking when they ‘go there’, or continue to push, love stories that don’t click with viewers or which lack chemistry.

Granted, chemistry is perceived differently by every viewer, and while some will fall in love with a pairing, others will launch into fast-forward mode whenever the duo is onscreen. However, there are some Genoa City couples that stand out as love matches that probably should have remained friends for one reason or another, including one that was universally loathed.

View the gallery of Young and Restless couples that should never have left the friendzone, vote to let us know which you agree with most, then visit Young and Restless spoilers to find which classic episodes are featured this week.

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