Young & Restless real-life partners collage Y&R

Image: jill Johnson, Brian Lowe/JPI

Young and Restless actors and actress’ significant others.

With Young and Restless finally targeting a return date to resume filming of new episodes, they’ll certainly be looking to sister soap, Bold and Beautiful for guidance on how to smoothly and, most importantly, safely resume production. Among the many challenges of shooting scenes amid the new restrictions and protocols, are the delicate matter of love scenes, which require close proximity between actors. With talk of Bold and Beautiful using blow-up dolls and cast members’ real-life partners as stand-ins to shoot intimate scenes, it got us to thinking about who may be asked to pinch-hit if Young and Restless decides to go the same route…

The Young and Restless family is a large one and many of the cast members are married with children. Some have met their significant others more recently and are testing the waters of a new relationship, such as Brytni Sarpy (Elena Dawson) and Bryton James (Devon Hamilton). Sarpy and James just marked a major milestone in their relatively new love story. One thing they all have in common? They’ve been quarantined together for the duration of the country-wide lockdowns due to the global viral outbreak, which makes it safe for them to hug, kiss, and interact in close proximity for the filming of intimate scenes.

Check out the photo gallery of Young and Restless cast members and their offscreen partners to see how many you were familiar with and whether any come as a surprise. Can you imagine these real-life significant others standing in for their spouse or partner’s onscreen love? Join the discussion and be sure to sign up for’s newsletter to get the latest soap opera news dropped straight into your inbox.