Restless Rant
Week of October 12 – 16:

For the most part, The Young and the Restless seemed to be regrouping after all the melodrama and tying up loose ends this week. Colleen’s/Brad’s house was dealt with, Sharon and Nick said goodbye to their baby and turned their attention to moving on, it was established that Patty cannot testify against Victor, Paul paid his respects to Traci, the painting debacle was neatly wrapped up within a couple of episodes, and Jack made his peace with Sharon. The show was noticeably more balanced this week, and there were plenty of enjoyable scenes, but I can’t shake a certain feeling of trepidation about where Y&R is going from this point. Let’s break down the week:

Adam/Newman Enterprises/Sharon:
The continued focus on supremely creepy Adam is my least favorite thing about the show right now. I just can’t seem to feel the vulnerabilities in this character. When he picked up the baby, and when he got close to Sharon, I was just thinking, “Eww. Slimeball.” Adam’s not my kind of villain – you know, the ‘love to hate him’ type that is either sexy or vulnerable, or has some redeeming qualities that make you feel conflicted – Adam’s just a twisted creep, totally unappealing. There’s no entertainment value for me in watching him battle it out with Nick and Victoria either. I don’t feel sorry for Adam (who is still doing underhanded crap), and the other two are just spoiled brats – not entertaining at all. I have no stake at all in who comes out on top – couldn’t care less – I’d rather see Jill or Neil take over Newman Enterprises and get a storyline!

Paul/Patty/Double: Nice that Paul was back this week. I really felt the scene between him and Traci. It was also good that they addressed the situation with Patty. No one likes to be surprised more than I do – and the appearance of Patty’s ‘double’ certainly stunned me – I’m genuinely intrigued as to her identity. That said, I hope that this isn’t going to lead to another totally ridiculous, unbelievable, or dark storyline.

Ashley: She’s scaring me more now than she ever did when she was crying, shaking, and biting her nails! Cool and independent Ashley, in her right mind, would never have wanted or needed Victor’s ranch. Still a lot of weirdness to come with her – mark my words!

Sharon/Nick/Ashes: It was a dignified way to say goodbye to the baby they believe they’ve lost, and it was a relief that the writers didn’t make a mockery of the scene by having it end up as yet another flip-flop drama on Nick’s part.

Fall Fair:
I really enjoyed the light tone of these scenes – what a relief to see people enjoying themselves again! Even the intermittent serious talk between Lauren and Michael, and Phyllis and Nick, didn’t take away from the fun vibe.

Jack/Sharon: I enjoyed the scenes where they made peace and gave each other a bit of advice about moving forward. These two are much better as friends.