Nikki in red with pursed lips on the Young and the Restless
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Nikki is the target of an unknown enemy and acts out. has enjoyed exploring fan fiction and have brought readers some >intriguing stories from both Soap’s own writers and guest writers. In this fan fiction, we venture to Genoa City, showcasing Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), who is targeted by a mysterious enemy.

Nikki gazes at the Newman family photographs that line the fireplace mantel at the ranch. As she scans the vast array of frames, her eyes rest on one of Nick and Summer. Nikki shakes her head and muses out loud: “Hard to believe her mother is Phyllis.”

“What’s that, my darling?” Victor says from behind her. Nikki turns and smiles. “Nothing. I was just thinking about how we have such a wonderful family. I never want anything to jeopardize that.” “Nothing ever will,” Victor says, gazing steadily into her eyes. Nikki hugs him. “Well, I am on my way to the club. Sadly, it’s to meet with Phyllis. She wants to organize a charity event for her new hotel.” Victor chuckles. “Good luck.” It’s an ordinary moment, but Nikki feels a strange sense of foreboding come over her as Victor leaves.

Arriving at the Athletic Club, Nikki looks about for Phyllis. Not seeing her, Nikki takes a seat at the bar and orders a club sofa. The bartender beams at her. “Do I know you?” he asks playfully. “No, I doubt you do,” she says, not unkindly, yet in a way that ends the conversation. She takes a sip of her drink and thinks that it doesn’t taste much like club soda…

Phyllis arrives at the Club a half hour later, shocked to see Nikki leaned over the bar, chatting with the bartender. “You were telling me about your trip to New Orleans,” Nikki says flamboyantly. “If you don’t watch yourself, I just may come along!” Phyllis stares, gaping at the scene. “Ok, you are clearly drunk,” Phyllis says, coming forward. “What the hell are you doing?” she asks Nikki while shooting the bartender a scathing look. He shrugs. “All she’s had is club soda.”

Nikki meanwhile jumps to her feet, jerking away from Phyllis. “You!” she shouts angrily. “You make me sick! You can’t keep your hands off my son, can you, you red-headed minx!” Phyllis, stunned, throws her hands up in defense. “I know you’re a lousy drunk, but you have no right.”

Nikki shakes her head. “You have corrupted my son once again, and you did it all by showing him your bed! Because that’s all you have ever done well in your lifetime!” Phyllis, reeling with anger, grabs her arm. “If you don’t shut your mouth, I will do it for you,” she hisses. Nikki laughs. “Come at me!” she grabs her purse and throws it on the ground. Phyllis can hardly believe the absurd scene. But before she can comment, Nikki lunges toward her, trying to choke her! “Mom – Phyllis!” Nick shouts, having just entered the Club. But it was too late – Phyllis had shoved Nikki off and to the ground, her red hair flying.

Exasperated, Nick grabs Phyllis back. “What the hell is going on here?!” Nick exclaims. “Your mother is crazy, that’s what’s going on,” Phyllis shouts. Meanwhile, Nikki gets up and walks away calmly.

Nikki heads to the porch, and once out sight, falls to the floor. Suddenly, a gloved hand gently shakes her. Getting no response, the gloved hand withdraws a needle, injecting it in Nikki’s arm. As fast as it appeared, the hand is gone. Nick, who had followed his mother after calming Phyllis, spies Nikki slumped over. “Call 911,” Nick shouts frantically, shaking her. But Nikki is unresponsive…

Who do you think the gloved hand belongs to? Did someone spike Nikki’s drink, or is something else at play here? Sound off with your theories below!

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