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Young and Restless actors have been alerted about a possible return to work.

Updated July 1: Young and Restless has reportedly pushed their date to resume production from July 6 to July 13. The new date isn’t set in stone either and could change according to TV Line.

On June 22, Deadline is reporting that The Young and the Restless is looking to become the second soap opera to return to filming new episodes after Bold and Beautiful’s return to the set last week. The report explains that producers on Young and Restless have issued a letter to the cast and crew members advising them that preparations are underway for a tentative start date of July 6. It’s made clear that the date is not set in stone, but rather a goal they’re aiming toward.

Young and Restless show-runners have been in contact with their co-horts on sister soap, Bold and Beautiful, who undertook the first return to filming a drama series in the United States, with scenes shot on Wednesday June 17. The next day, however, the CBS soap was forced to pause production once again, with a plan to return tomorrow, Tuesday June 23.

Bold and Beautiful lifted the halt on production after L.A. County gave the go-ahead for television and movie sets to resume after three months of lockdown, with a stringent set of safety protocols in place. Sets were divided into zones, face coverings to be worn by cast and crew whenever possible, and extensive viral testing was undertaken before actors, or anyone else involved in the production, could be cleared for the set. Scenes with children were written out of scripts, and in a move that had soap viewers full of speculation, Bold and Beautiful revealed spouses and blow-up dolls could be used to get around limitations in filming intimate scenes.

The ongoing testing appeared to be the sticking point that caused Bold and Beautiful the need to regroup as they took time off to work on their testing protocols. Watch this spot for ongoing updates and view the gallery below to see some Young and the Restless couples that fans expressed having missed…