why keemo should return young and restless
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Jack’s long-lost son could shake things up in Genoa City.

We previously laid out what B&B should do upon its first episode back. Our suggestions include reflecting the diverse fashion world by involving the character Maya Avant, a black transgender woman, into more story and kicking things off with exciting storyline right out of the gate. That got us thinking about The Young and the Restless, another soap opera that could use more diversification as well as some fireworks to welcome viewers back when they return to production. One way to achieve that is to bring Keemo Volien Abbott back to Genoa City.

Refresh my memory

For those who need refreshing, Keemo was introduced to The Young and the Restless in the mid 90s. He is Jack Abbott’s son, born of an affair Jack had with Keemo’s mother Luann while serving in the Vietnam War. Jack didn’t know about him until Keemo was in his 20s but they developed a relationship for a short time when Jack reunited with and married Luann. Keemo returned to Vietnam after his mother’s death and has rarely been spoken about since.

Core family connection

Since Keemo is an established character connected to a core family, the Abbotts, there could be a seamless re-introduction as Jack is blindsided by his long forgotten son’s presence. The first story option that comes to mind is to team Keemo up with Victor to bring down his father during a reignited showdown between Jack and The Mustache. The Young and the Restless could use a juicy rivalry that they see all the way through with explosive fallouts spanning families and generations. And there’s enough history there to make it feel organic.

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New blood at Jabot

Storylines could be fleshed out from there. As Keemo is a chemist, he could be the genius behind a game changing product Jabot needs. He could have kids who could be any age and mix it up with Lily’s teenage children (who also need to return) or Billy’s, Adam’s, and Nick’s kids who could be SORASed to usher in the next generation of feuds, friendships, and romances. His offspring could be in their twenties and go head to head with their uncle Kyle and cousin Theo or widen Mariah and Tessa’s social circle. Keemo himself could have a romance with the single Victoria, or jump into a love triangle with his uncle Billy and Lily or various other couples as his age has room to be toyed with. To further round out his family, Keemo could have a wife or ex-wife. Not to mention, he has a previously established half-sister who could be brought back at some point as well.

However it happens, Keemo’s return could make for an intriguing storyline when The Young and the Restless comes back with new episodes while also increasing representation in daytime. How would you write Keemo’s return to Genoa City? Share your ideas below and sign up for Soaps.com’s newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest breaking news in soaps.