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Nubian Beauty.

In this new Young and the Restless fanfiction story, written by a new writer, there’s a new and exciting cosmetics line that needs a face, and the candidate has what appears to be a strong and very curious tie to Genoa City!

At Newman Enterprises, Victor looks at his computer as he is on video chat.

“I think you would be perfect,” he says, “Hold on.”

Victoria walks into the office.

“Did you get my email? It contained the data I was telling you about,” says Victoria. “Yes I just printed them off.” says Victor, “Would you mind getting those for me?”

Victoria walks over to the printer, grabs the papers, and gives them to Victor. He puts his reading glasses on as Victoria steps back from the desk.

She waits with guarded eagerness as Victor reviews the papers. “So?” asks Victoria. “So what?” asks Victor, “I’m not too sure.” He adds.

“What are your misgivings?” asks Victoria.

“I think there’s even more of a demand than this data you’re presenting me.” Replies Victor.

“These figures were from two weeks ago,” says Victoria.

“Brash and Sassy have always done well with African-American customers.”

“That’s why I wanted to ramp up production of our cosmetics.”

Victor puts one of the papers down and looks onto the next piece of paper. He takes off his reading glasses and leans back in his office chair. He crosses his legs and looks up at Victoria. Victor uncrosses his legs and straightens up. He folds his hands on his desk and leans slightly forward, all while looking at Victoria.

“I think we’re going to need to hire an African-American chemist, and a model, kind of like…a face of the product,” Victoria says.

“Do you have a name for the product line?”

“As of matter of fact I have. I’m gonna call it ‘Nubian Beauty’.”

“I like that name. It’s very creative of you. So you want to hire a face of Nubian Beauty. I like your idea. I’ll sign off on the funds today.”

“Sounds great. This is going to be a huge success. I know it.”

Victor gets up and hugs Victoria.

“I’m gonna tell the recruiting department to find us someone,” says Victoria, who walks to the door.

“Wait a second,” says Victor. He walks to his desk chair and sits down. He clicks the mouse and a young African-American woman appears on the screen. Victor waves Victoria to his computer.

“Who’s that?” asks Victoria.

“Meet the new face of Nubian Beauty. Jessica Drake.” Says Victor.

“Oh,” says Victoria.

“Hang right there. Victoria is gonna finish the interview in her office.”

“Well, that’s a surprise. I’ll go to my office and uh we’ll finish the interview.”

Victoria leaves the office.

Meanwhile, Jessica turns off the video feed at her place. She sighs. Meanwhile, a woman that looks exactly like Drucilla walks into the room.

“So how’d it go?” asks the woman.

“I’m so nervous mom,” says Jessica, “I really want to get this job.”

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