Jack stunned by request Young and Restless
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Jack’s Business Trip Takes an Exciting Turn. 

A little fan fiction written for Jack Abbott, wondering what it’d be like if he took a business trip only to have a little well-deserved romance.

Jack traveled to Miami to meet with the owner of a small struggling cosmetic firm. The owner became familiar with Jabot through social media and wondered whether Jabot would allow the struggling entity to merge with them. Using Jabot’s private jet, Jack flew to Miami and checked into his hotel.

A phone call to the owner revealed that she had made arrangements for dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. There they would discuss the particulars of the possible merger. The owner told him, “I’ll be bringing a friend with me.”

Jack told her that he was looking forward to the meeting. However, he would be completely shocked when he laid eyes on the friend. It was someone that he already knew. With his phone and briefcase, Jack left the hotel and hailed a cab to take him to the restaurant that the owner had selected.

Later at the restaurant, the owner was already seated, and Jack then approached the table. After introductions, someone else appeared at the table. It was Celeste Rosales, the mother of Rey and Lola. She and the owner had known each other several years, and she believed that Jabot could help her.

Jack told the owner he would need to look seriously at the possible acquisition. At the same time, he kept his eyes on Celeste. Thoughts of him getting to know her while she was in Genoa City ran through his mind. “So nice to see you again,” he said. “Likewise,” she replied.

Jack talked to the owner about her company. They had dinner together, and then Jack surreptitiously sent a text to Celeste – drinks later? Her answer was yet. After dinner was concluded, Jack told the owner he would get back with her as soon as possible. The owner then told him that she enjoyed meeting with you and thanked Celeste for setting things in motion. “That’s what friends are for,” Celeste said.

Back at the hotel, Jack and Celeste sipped drinks. He was still totally shocked by her involvement in the possible merger. She told him that she wanted to surprise him, and Jack replied that it was a major surprise. He didn’t expect to see her. He also didn’t expect something to take over him at that moment. Something powerful.

He remembered their initial encounter in Genoa City. He remembered how he was attracted to her then. Setting their glasses down, Jack leaned closer and kissed Celeste. She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around him.

Will Jack and Celeste take their unexpected encounter to the next level?

Will there be two mergers instead of one?

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