Adam blackmails Victor on Young and the Restless

Young and Restless father and son are in a rut.

To say Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and his son, Victor ‘Adam’ Newman Jr. (Mark Grossman) have a complicated relationship on Young and the Restless is an understatement. While they’ve been at odds most of their lives, the through-line is that they care about one another down deep, but just can’t get to a point where they can put the past entirely behind them…or trust one another.

When Young and Restless ran out of new episodes, we were left hanging as to how Adam would deal with Victor’s latest revelation – 11-year-old Adam had killed the man he had accused Victor of murdering and blocked it out. The last we knew, Adam didn’t believe his father, and figured it was a lie concocted to get him out of Newman Enterprises. Presumably, there will be some sort of resolution to the storyline when the show returns, but then what is next for the father and son duo?

We questioned Young and Restless fans about what should happen with Adam and Victor when the soap returns, and the responses ranged from Victor and Adam making peace and teaming up against a common foe, to Adam leaving Genoa City altogether. Courtney Warman on Facebook proposed, “I’d like to see them team up to take down a common enemy, be it an old one like Ian Ward or the Santori family or a new badass in town.”

One thing is clear, viewers have grown tired of the father and son repeatedly trying to one-up each other, and most would like to see a different sort of story for them as a result…at least for a while. Soaps’ message board user, Dawn888, said, “I think it would be boring if Adam and Victor actually got along, but I don’t care for the constant one-upping each other or doing things like Adam switching meds. What’s the point when there is never going to be any consequences?” FamousSpice added, “I would like Adam and Victor to get along because they fight over the same thing and that has become exhausting to watch. They don’t have to have the Victoria/Victor relationship but all this infighting is going in circles and I’m bored.”

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