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As Billy and Lily continue to build their new business, there are new opportunities for Mariah and Theo.

Fan fiction for Young and the Restless with a twist at the end we didn’t see coming!

In Lily’s office at Chancellor Media, Billy is looking at a visibly nervous Theo and Mariah sitting in the lobby, through the glass wall.

“I can’t believe you invited Theo in without consulting me,” Billy annoyingly says to Lily.

“You didn’t ask me before calling in Mariah,” Lily retorts.

“Yeah, but she is Mariah, we know her,” says Billy.

“Yes,” Lily tells him. “We, also, know her mother has cancer and so she is a little busy at the moment,” he says flashing to Victoria telling him.

“She can handle that, in fact this might be the distraction she needs. And, unlike Theo she didn’t just get fired for plagiarism.” Billy says with a sense of concern.

“So what are we going to do, Billy, they are both here?”

“Well, Lily, I guess we will have to interview them both,” Billy says in a sarcastic tone. He walks to the door and calls Theo into the office.

Theo is outwardly his normal cocky self, but inside he is nervous. He wants to remain in Genoa City, get to know his family and be with Lola. He knows this job could be his last hope. The interview goes like any normal interview. But as it is winding down, Billy asks, “So Theo tell us why Jack fired you from Jabot?”

Theo’s demeanor changes to annoyance, but adopts an air of contrition. “Billy, you recognize why. I cheated and copied Jack’s previous proposal. It is something I am ashamed of and have under no circumstances done it in the past.”

“Do you think it would be appropriate to hire a plagiarist to run our social media?” Billy pointedly asks.

But, before Theo can answer Lily interrupts. “Thank you for your time Theo. We will let you know our decision. When you leave could you ask Mariah to enter.”

After he walks out, Lily tells Billy, “That was uncalled for.”

Before, Billy can mention anything Mariah walks in. Again the interview is the normal interview until at the end Lily asks her, “Is there anything else you would like for us to consider?”

“Yes, I know you both know about Sharon’s illness. I would work hard at this position, but I can’t give it my all at this time. So if you are looking for someone to give their all 24-7, I’m afraid I’m not the one you are looking for.”

They all then exchange goodbyes.

After she leaves, Billy starts “That’s it we have to hire Mariah. Even at 90% I trust her more than Theo at any percent.”

“But what if Sharon takes a turn for the worse, and Mariah can only give us 50%? I think Theo would be the best choice. His plagiarism had nothing to do with media.”

“I just don’t trust him. And I don’t want to be looking over his shoulder all the time babysitting him,” Billy states.

Lily thinks for a few minutes and then a smile comes across her face. “You know, Billy I believe I have the answer,” she says as she walks over to him.”We have enough in the budget to hire them both. That way Mariah can keep an eye on Theo and restrain him. And Theo can pick up any slack from Mariah if she needs to step back.”

Billy smiles and says “Again, you come up with the optimal solution.”

As they high-five, their hands linger. They look into each other’s eyes. Before they can think better of it, they embrace in a passionate kiss.

What will happen next? Will Billy and Lily, give in and start an affair? Can they work together after this? Will Mariah and Theo be able to form a partnership or will they drive each other mad?

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