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Young and Restless characters seem drawn to one another.

When Young and Restless left off, Amanda Sinclair had joined Chancellor Media to act as the division’s attorney, and had met with Billy (Jason Thompson) and Lily (Christel Khalil) to seal the deal. took a minute to speculate what may be ahead for the characters when the CBS soap opera returns with new episodes.

Despite the fact that Amanda is dating Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic), the writing seems to be on the wall for Amanda and Billy to explore a romantic relationship. Though Billy had unsuccessfully tested the waters with Amanda before, and she balked due to the implications of having established their friendship behind his wife, Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle), back when they were married, they did share a kiss. At the time, it appeared to be a ‘goodbye’ kiss; a sort of farewell to what might have been. After, Amanda’s pal Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) urged her to explore the possibility of romance with Nate, and she asked him out. They’ve had some fun and shared a kiss, but the signs may spell trouble ahead.

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While meeting to discuss Chancellor Media business, Lily couldn’t help but notice Billy and Amanda riffing off one another’s ideas. The energy and vibe of their exchange was not lost on her, and Billy and Amanda parted ways all smiles. Soon after, Amanda was joined by Nate, but still couldn’t help but catch Billy’s eye across the room and was noticeably distracted from her conversation. These ‘moments’ could be nothing, a red herring, or they could signal the direction the writers intend to go with the involved parties. There’s a saying that nothing happens on a soap opera without a reason, and if that’s the case, a Billy/Amanda/Nate triangle is likely in the works, with Amanda ending up with Billy at some point.

Of course, there are many ways the ‘powers that be’ could choose to go. They could be making changes to their intended direction while production is halted on Young and Restless, and there are several options for the characters. Billy has history with Lily, who he is also working in close proximity with, and of course, Amanda is a doppelganger for Devon’s (Bryton James) late wife, Hilary Curtis Hamilton, so it’s very likely the chemistry of that popular pairing will come back into play.

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