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Young and Restless characters have often been at war, with a few truces.

As CBS airs a classic Young and Restless episode that features Nikki and Sharon’s confrontation in the stables, flashed back to several of the run-ins that have taken place with the women over the years in this epic rivalry.


Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) was never a fan of her son, Nick Newman (Josh Morrow), marrying Sharon Collins (Sharon Case), whom she considered to be a golddigger. Though the pair was able to co-exist at times, things boiled over in 2003 when things turned physical. Sharon and Nick’s marriage was on the rocks when Nick spied her sharing a kiss with his father, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), and a humiliated Sharon left town. While she was away, her daughter, Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes), fell into an icy pond and nearly died. When Sharon returned, Nikki found her seated in Victor’s office at Newman Enterprises, and a confrontation ensued in which Nikki called out Sharon for being a poor excuse for a mother who was obsessed with Victor. Sharon declared that Nikki was an aging and bitter woman who wanted her children for herself. Nikki slapped Sharon as Victor interrupted the showdown.


When Sharon took up with Victor in 2012 it marked a particularly bad time in her relationship with Nikki. After Victor gifted Sharon with a new horse at the ranch, Nikki decided to ride off on it. While Victor was busy contacting the authorities, Nikki returned to the stables with the horse and got into it with Sharon verbally, which led to a physical altercation involving the women soaking each other with water. Victor broke it up and the police arrived and took Sharon and Nikki into custody since they both wanted to press charges.


After Sharon married Victor, he disappeared on their wedding night. Sharon got drunk and showed up at Nikki’s wedding to Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) looking for her husband. Once again, things turned physical, and this time, Nikki pushed her tipsy rival into the swimming pool. Later, Nikki got her hands-on Victor’s phone and texted a furious Sharon a message saying he was breaking up with her.

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After Sharon messed with Summer Newman’s (Hunter King) DNA results to make Nick believe he wasn’t her father, Nikki was only too happy to help when Nick decided to sue Sharon for custody of Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and angrily ushered Sharon out of the ranch slamming the door behind her when she dropped the girl off. Consequently, Nikki was none too pleased when Sharon soon became involved with her son Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) and they got married. When it was revealed that Sharon had also duped Dylan, and that the baby they were raising was actually Nick’s son, Nikki crashed into Sharon’s home and confronted her for deceiving both of her sons. Sharon responded by calling Nikki out for leaving her infant son at a church. Amid the verbal onslaught, the women began throwing household items, including a vase, at each other until Dylan arrived and broke it up.


After Dylan was forced to leave Sharon, and Genoa City, to protect his family, Nikki once again decided that Faith would be better off staying at the ranch with her and Victor than with her mother. During a confrontation over the matter on the patio at Crimson Lights, Sharon took a pitcher of milk and dumped it over Nikki’s head to let her know what she thought of her opinion.

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