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Young and Restless character had her eye on her best friend’s man.

As CBS airs a classic episode of Young and Restless that features Sharon worrying about Grace’s influence on Nick, decided it was a good time for a refresher on the character of bad girl Grace Turner.


Grace Turner was Sharon’s best friend growing up in Madison, Wisconsin. The character was originated by actress Josie Davis (Beverly Hills 90210), who played the role from 1996 – 1997, when it was recast with Jennifer Gareis, who CBS soap fans may now know as Bold and Beautiful’s Donna Logan.


After Sharon married Nick, and it appeared their premature firstborn, Noah, was going to die, Grace and her boyfriend Tony Viscardi (Nick Scotti) tracked down the baby Sharon had with teenage boyfriend Frank Barritt (Phil Dozois) and gave up for adoption. They found Cassie, who was living with her adoptive grandmother, and brought her to Genoa City, but Noah lived, and Grace became attached to the girl while waiting for the ‘right time’ to tell Sharon. A year passed before she came clean and Sharon and Cassie were reunited.


Grace helped Sharon and Nick with the kids, but plotted to steal him away from her best friend. Nick came home from a party and drunkenly slept with Grace, believing her to be Sharon. Nick swore Grace to secrecy and gave her a job at Newman Enterprises to ensure her silence. That led to more encounters as Grace continued to try to seduce Nick. Tony broke up with her due to her obsession and was later killed. Grace managed to get Nick to have sex with her on a business trip and Sharon dumped him when she overheard them discussing it.


Grace got involved with the Newmans again when Cassie’s adoptive mother, Alice Johnson (Tamara Clatterbuck) tried to take the child back. Grace took up with Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), who was representing Alice in the case and schemed to get Alice to take a payoff in return for dropping the bid for custody. Grace had sex with Michael on his desk, but felt betrayed when he helped Alice win the case. Meanwhile, Victor learned that Grace had come between Nick and his wife and sent her to work in New York.


Grace returned to Genoa City more than once when Nick called her during troubled times with Sharon looking for comfort and sex.


In 2003, Grace turned up seeking her missing boyfriend Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby), who Sharon believed she had killed. Grace repeatedly accused Sharon of murdering Kirsten, who kept appearing to Sharon. Eventually, it came out that Kirsten was still alive, and Grace had been helping him torment Sharon. In the end, Grace was convinced by Nick to help expose the creep, who had beaten and threatened Sharon, and she left town again after he was arrested.


Grace was summoned to Genoa City once again by Nick in 2010. She greeted him wearing lingerie, but learned he was only interested in information pertaining to Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes), a young woman who looked identical to Cassie. Grace was able to provide details on the birth that led to the discovery that Sharon had actually given birth to twins. She later hooked up with Nick at The Underground, after he had dumped Sharon for altering his daughter Summer Newman’s (Hunter King) DNA results, but he stopped short of sex and sent her away again.

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