Chelsea, Adam discuss win Young and Restless
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Chelsea wants to protect Adam from Sharon.

A few weeks ago, tried our hand at fan fiction. Since Sharon was diagnosed with cancer and Young and the Restless didn’t write a scene with Adam learning about it, many fans complained. We wrote a scene with Adam visiting Sharon after learning about her cancer, which went over well. This is a continuation from that scene, wondering what could happen if Chelsea already knew about the secret and kept it to herself out of fear that Adam would be drawn to Sharon once again. Very soapy!

Just back from seeing Sharon, Adam wearily sits down on the sofa at the penthouse. Moments later, Chelsea comes downstairs. “Adam,” she says sitting next to him. “Where have you been?” Adam leans pensively forward, resting his chin on top of his folded hands. “I’ve been to see Sharon,” he utters quietly. Chelsea is silent.

Adam takes her hand. “It’s not good Chelsea,” he continues. “I found out she has cancer.” Chelsea looks down at the rug. “That…that’s awful,” she stammers. “How awful for her children too.” She glances up at Adam’s troubled face. “But I am sure she will get through this.” Adam stares. “Get through this?” he repeats slowly. “Chelsea, we’re not talking about a cold, we’re talking about cancer for God’s sake.”

Chelsea stands and moves to the window. “It is awful,” she says emphatically. Adam joins her at the window. “There’s more,” he declares. “Sharon’s been sick for weeks and didn’t tell me. She thought it would cause trouble between Nick and me.” He sighs deeply. Chelsea, meanwhile, flashes back to running into Nick at Crimson Lights. He seemed so forlorn – Chelsea asked him if everything was alright and he confessed Sharon was sick. Snapping back, Chelsea lays a supportive hand on Adam’s arm. “She has Rey and Nick. You probably didn’t really need to know right away anyway.”

Adam rears back, as though her hand suddenly turned hot. “How can you say that? This is Sharon – my ex-wife. She’s my…” he stammers, letting his words trail off. “What? The ex-love of your life?” Chelsea snaps angrily. Adam is silent. “You always want to be her knight in shining armor,” Chelsea says quietly. “And that’s why you are the last person who should be involved in her care.”

Adam peers at her closely. “Wait a minute. You knew about her cancer, didn’t you? Did you keep this from me?” Chelsea squares her shoulders. “Yes, I knew,” she confirms. “We don’t need the distraction this would bring.” Tears fill her eyes. “I know you…you would have to be at Sharon’s side. And I need you here! I have to protect my family.”

Adam stares at her gravely. “What you did…keeping this from me…will do more damage than helping Sharon ever could.” With that, he walks out, leaving Chelsea staring after him.

What do you think will happen? Will Adam forgive Chelsea for hiding Sharon’s diagnosis, or will he be drawn into Sharon’s orbit again? Did you side with Chelsea or feel for her, knowing she was feeling insecure or were you rooting for Adam to go to Sharon? Join in the conversation.

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